"MySTERy oF TiME" Why time is passing at different speeds?

My last oil painting "Mystery of time" is the quintessence of what time can be. Time traps you and calls you, it invites you. You know you have no choice but to go with it. Time is inevitable and everything will go full circle for you anyway.

You cannot specify time with one move. Time meanders: it has many elements. Time is never one-dimensional, but rather multidimensional. Time is very complicated. People are of the impression that time only flies forward. We are just beginning to understand the possibility of linear realities.

The safe symbolizes secrets.

A mirage of various colors and lines leads to the safe, because all the of the universe is hidden there.

This painting is not a central image, it is an axial image with a void around it. An incredibly complex matter hidden within. And what is the matter? It is something closed, something that is simply not available now to the people and probably won’t be available ever.

All the elements in my painting are round, because time is infinity, it comes full circle. You won't find any square or triangle in this picture because they don't really appear in nature. The circle is the symbol of infinity, a symbol of closing and a symbol of rebirth.

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