Artist: Robert Zietara
Signature: lower middle (dated 2016) 
Size canvas 120 x 80 x 1.9 cm / 47.2” x 31.4” x 0.75"
Media: Oil on canvas (unframed)


Signed and protected with a permanent varnish. 
Certificate of Authenticity will be included with the painting.


My thoughts about the reality that surrounds me gave an impulse for painting "Ecce Homo Europe".
I decided to undertake an art attempt to define what Europe is and should be. I built the image on the plan of the cross, or rather its variations, which has absolutely nothing to do with the crucifixion of Jesus. 
The cross symbolizes the axis of the world and its four sides, it is a link between the divine and human. It is a symbol of changeability in which the human is entangled. It has always been considered as a symbol of the correctness, beauty and absolute presence of God.
Ecce Homo because it reminds a man with open arms ready for acts of mercy and openness.
It can be treated as a historical guidance. Closely linked to the events of our continent in good and bad contexts, it is the only symbol emphatically defining Europe. So captured, it becomes a man's link to God, yesterday’s link to tomorrow. The vertical lines of the cross are divinity and the horizontal lines are humanity.
In the cross I wrote a circle and a red, cracked ball surrounded by thorns. There is nothing smaller in the circle. It combines the highest peace with the toughest strength. Because there is no beginning nor end, it becomes an image of eternity. The inscription "IN VARIETATE CONCORDIA" – “United in diversity” is the motto of the Europe Union, which binds all these forces.
All figures and bodies can be obtained from the sphere; it is the one without the measure and the end that gives out all remaining world’s forms.
A crack is a split in the creation and way of understanding everything, and surrounded by thorns highlights the suffering and dynamics of all changes.
Red symbolizes life and the extreme feelings that stimulate our psyche most.
Although Europe is built on strong values and appeared like a concrete fortress resembling a sacrificed man, who is constantly challenged by extreme feelings and dilemmas. Uncertainty of choice and rejection of symbols that can unite become the cause of internal cracks. 
Despite the first feelings, it is a picture full of hope, which I sincerely wish you all.

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