Artist: Robert Zietara, 2018
Size canvas 50 x 50 x 1.9 cm / 17.9"x 17.9" x 0.75"
Media: Oil on canvas (unframed) 
Surreal image created on a canvas stretched on a frame

Signed and protected with a permanent varnish. 
Certificate of Authenticity will be included with the painting.

END OF TIME is an surreal image that I created to go with time: If people take the excuse of wrong time, and keep delaying their actions, then certainly they are following a wrong path. They need to understand that time is not going to wait for anyone. It is today when they have to take the action for changing their fate. Wrong time is turned into good times by taking the required actions " When time is never ready to wait for us, then why do we always wait for the right time No times is wrong to do the right things…”


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